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 Electronic devices

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PostElectronic devices

Okay guys, being a curious pointwasting idiot, I've managed to aquire everything in the Electronics Field.

Heres a breif rundown of each item and its in game usefulness.

Tier 1: Acustic Sound Detector(Or Whatever its called)---Allows you to detect better where fire is coming from.

Pros: Excellent for Defense as enemies will sometimes show up on the minimap when firing. Also serves as a great early warning for heavy machinegun bipoders and snipers.

Cons: In a hectic situation your detector will pretty much **bleep** bricks.

Usefulness(1-5): 3(Due to making insane situations harder)

Tier 2: Mine Detector--Detects mines, go figure. So you can 'defuse' them.

Pros:You wont drive/run straight into mines.

Cons: Useless in defense pratically. ...Have you ever tried to defuse a mine? I didn't think so. That and in a hectic situation your not worried about mines and more worried about planting C4 to really pay attention to mines. Weights a suprising amount.

Usefulness:1(Waste of points, but required to progress to the goods)

Tier 3: Sensor Jammer--Makes you and surround squadmates invisible on the minimap.

Pros:Awesome for attack. Particularlly Inflitrating/ Driving the APC. Enemy UAV will never bother you again. Not sure if it removes the cheveron over your head or not. Snipers can camp in peace from digital detection.

Cons: Pointless for most defense. "Hey, that bunker isnt showing on the minimap! Guess its not there anymore!" Ya... Right.

Usefulness:4(Well worth it in my opinion.)

Tier 4: Motion Sensor--Detects all moving nearby enemies.

Pros:Awesome, a device of pure awesomeness. Great for Sniping, General Defense, SL Strikes, Infiltrating and just all around combat.

Cons:Enemies that aren't moving aren't detectable.

Usefulness:5(Extremely Useful, haven't taken it off since aquiring it.)

Hope that satisfies anyones curiousity

P.S. I failed to mention that any of these can be combined, so you can carry a maximum of 3 of the devices on your person. Enjoy

Hope this helps you guys! lol!

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Electronic devices :: Comments

Re: Electronic devices
Post on Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:36 pm  Enkidu--
Nice post, we should probably think about 1 for each tier once the beta is final.
Re: Electronic devices
Post on Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:03 am  brancher
Enkidu-- wrote:
Nice post, we should probably think about 1 for each tier once the beta is final.

Hey thanks Enk,

Glad to see ya using the forums.
Re: Electronic devices
Post on Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:35 pm  Krylic
the jammer is still very good in both defending and attacking, thou its effect isnt as strong in defense. but having the signal jammer allows you to run around knifing peeps without showing up on their motion trackers. also having it on defense allows you to have the element of surpise since they probalby know that there are people defending a spot but they dont know just how many people are there. but the motion sensor is much better in my opionion. if you loved the heartbeat monitor from cod: mw2 then this is for you. but the sensor jammer is a must have for command running knifers.
Re: Electronic devices
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Electronic devices

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