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 F2F across all 3 PMC's

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PostF2F across all 3 PMC's

Hi Guys

I know there has been some talk of people from F2F Raven about vetting over to other PMC's, and thought how cool it would be to start up F2F clans in all PMC's.

I personally like the idea of vetting over to valour (when I eventually get to level 60 that is). I just really want to if their aquisition map is that hard to defend.

To do it properly though I think it will take a little bit of planning.

I thought it would be nice to have the clans running permanently in all 3 pmc's so people can vet when they want to and still play under the F2F clan, and play with people they know.

Brancher is in a position where, if he vets to another pmc the clan will disband. And that will happen again to whoever sets up the clan in another pmc.

So, this is just my idea.

We find out who wants to vet and where they want to go.

Then we decide who wants to start up the clans in each PMC.

Then that person should set up a seperate PSN id, and set up the clan under that account, they invite their other login and make himself 2nd in command so he can invite people.

Then just play under his original login.

That way the secondary login is just idle, but permanently the clan leader, so there is no need to ever disband.

Did that make sense????

Also, the same thing can be done for Raven, but it would just mean messaging everybody currently in the clan and getting them to switch to a new F2F Raven clan (set up under a secondary login).

That would be a bit laborious, but it would free up Brancher to vet if he wanted to.

Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated

Cheers guys

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F2F across all 3 PMC's :: Comments

Re: F2F across all 3 PMC's
Post on Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:35 pm  brancher
Hey Wayne,

I love that idea, it will give other players a chance to know just F2F is all about as well.

We strive on teamwork and excellent strategies. That is why all of us are winners in MAG and life.

I have a second account in SVER and I am a level 7 with that. I haven`t started a third account in Valor yet.

You have my support mate. Cool
Re: F2F across all 3 PMC's
Post on Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:36 pm  wayneo291979
Excellent, thanks mate.

I've just created another psn as: wayneo301979 in Valor and got my character to level 4. So I can create a Valor F2F clan if you want.

If you create a F2F clan in Sver with your other account then we have the 3 PMC's covered.

Then we just need to make people aware that when they vet to another PMC they can message us and then we can invite them to the clans.

Then as we make more people officers, there will be more people to contact to stay in the family when they change.

Perhaps we could keep a list on here of who is in each PMC from the family and who are officers, so people know who they can message.

The family will expand and grow and prosper Smile

Long live F2F king king cheers
Re: F2F across all 3 PMC's
Post on Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:28 am  13eerRunner
You guys have some good ideas. i have 3 pmc. My Valor pmc is a level 60, and my Sever is a level 6. Keep me updated what u guys are doing with this.
Re: F2F across all 3 PMC's
Post on Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:15 pm  wayneo291979
Cheers 13eerRunner, just to give you, and everyone else an update:

The Valour clan is up and running as Family2FEAR-Val (It wouldn't let me do exactly the same name), and so far we have:

and Bloodhound.

These guys can all invite people to the clan, so if you vet over or have a seconday accoint in Valour, message one of us to join.

Thanks for a great game so far guys, its been so much more pleasurable as an F2F family memebr.
Post on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:17 am  avalos_1
Re: F2F across all 3 PMC's
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F2F across all 3 PMC's

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