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 MAG patch v1.06

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PostMAG patch v1.06

Though we’re still several weeks away from its release, we thought it prudent to give everyone a head’s up on what we’re working towards for our next MAG patch – and it’s a big one!

Slated for sometime next month, MAG v1.06 will add a number of requested new features to the game that should please fans regardless of their play style. Not only have we made it much harder to accidentally kill fellow teammates, for example, we’ve also expanded the Medical Kit’s functionality to give users total control over who they heal (allies or themselves), while updating the experience system that surrounds it. Other new goodies include improved vehicle handling and physics, new gun ports for APCs, weapon efficiency adjustments, credit cost changes, and updated medal and ribbon requirements.

Another nice addition is that we’re also giving users who are currently without access to PlayStation Stores the ability to get all previously-available DLC immediately in-game.

We’ve listed a number of planned fixes on our index below, but this by no means the complete list of changes coming with v1.06 next month. We’ll have additional details on the full list of updates in the coming weeks in addition to the awaited news regarding our next bit of DLC (which is our biggest yet!). In the meantime, enjoy what we have for you so far and stay tuned for more specifics as we get closer to the patch’s release.

Change is coming...
MAG Patch v1.06
Available June 2010 | Size: TBD


Player knife attacks no longer deal damage to members of own PMC.
Headshot damage bonuses no longer apply to friendly fire.
Changed rewards for the resuscitation of an incapacitated ally to 5XP for partial health revive, and 10XP for full heath revive.
Added functionality to Medical Kit so that players can now heal themselves with L1 in addition to using R1 to heal or revive a teammate.
All vehicle handling has been improved and been given more realistic physics.
Added three gun ports to APCs of all factions.
Slowed down the rate of fire for the APC’s primary gun, but increased bullet damage.
Primary APC gun can now damage enemy APCs.

Adjusted damage for the AM50, Rollins LRRS, and AGVK sniper rifles vs. vehicles and emplaced turrets.
Increased rate of fire for all pistols (Raven’s F57, SVER’s IZ-443, and Valor’s M9).
Improved close-range effectiveness and decreased long-range effectiveness for all Pistols, Machine Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns.
Made all LMG foregrips less effective at stabilizing fire.
Made improved stability skills less effective at stabilizing fire for machine guns.
Credit cost for Pistols has been changed to 0c from 100c.
Credit cost for Machine Pistols has been changed to 200c from 300c.
Credit cost for SMGs has been changed to 300c from 400c.
Credit cost for Shotguns has been changed to 400c from 600c.
Credit cost for Improved Rocket Launchers has been changed to 800c from 1000c.
Credit cost for Smoke Grenades has been changed to 200c from 300c.
Credit cost for Poison Gas Grenades has been changed to 500c from 600c.
Credit cost for Explosives Detector has been changed to 300c from 600c.

Adjusted requirements for most Medal Awards.
Added progress bars to all Medal Awards.
Changed vehicle icon visibility on the map to reflect its current status of visibility instead of its previous map state of “always seen.”
Repaired display problem in the “Community” tab’s “Player Search” screen that improperly presented names with multiple non-alphabet characters.
Statistics for “Enemy Vehicles Destroyed Assists” and “Enemy Turrets Destroyed Assists” are now correctly listed in proper category “Objectives.”

Fixed display problem with player’s left hand placement when using foregrip and bipod on the Raven Apex 100 light machine gun.
Fixed issue that prevented repaired roadblocks from “shining” to indicate that they can be interacted with.

Previously-released downloadable content (Fast Attack Gear Pack, Trooper Gear Pack, Raven’s Spyder Body Apparel, SVER’s Hazard Body Apparel, and Valor’s Bulldog Body Apparel) is now accessible to all users without PlayStation Store access.
Patched problem that prevented users to save loadout with DLC weapons following a “Respec” action.
Repaired issue that caused renamed PSN IDs to be incorrectly identified as its previous name when logging in.


Updated patching system to allow for faster download speeds when retrieving in-game updates.

I copied this from the MAG Blog and stay tuned because they release information on DLC next week folks. Very Happy

cheers brancher

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MAG patch v1.06 :: Comments

Re: MAG patch v1.06
Post on Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:23 pm  avalos_1
Re: MAG patch v1.06
Post on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:38 am  illbenarrator
i haven't downloaded any updates from the PS store. does that mean i've missed some?
Re: MAG patch v1.06
Post on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:45 am  brancher
illbenarrator wrote:
i haven't downloaded any updates from the PS store. does that mean i've missed some?

No, when you do log in to the PSN and put in MAG it will all be automatic for updates. Then make sure you visit the Playstation Store and check for MAG content.

They added a trooper pack not to long ago. All you have to do is click on it and it will be added to your account on the game.

It`s already on the game disc and when you click on it in the store it unlocks it off of the disc.
Re: MAG patch v1.06
Post on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:48 am  illbenarrator
i'm gna add that now then :O
Re: MAG patch v1.06
Post on Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:45 pm  illbenarrator
i think i just downloaded this new patch :O
Re: MAG patch v1.06
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MAG patch v1.06

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